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The 130th Annual USA Boxing New England Championship
is being hosted by Quietman Sports Gym.


We are honored and excited to be hosting this great event! Quietman Sports is proud to be raising funds to assist two great causes: Family Aid Boston (helping homeless families in need) and the Chelsea High School Scholarship Fund.

Dates & Locations:

November 7th & 14th at Chelsea High School, 299 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA

November 28th at Plymouth Memorial Hall, 83 Court St, Plymouth, MA

BOXERS (Open, Novice, J.O., and Masters) looking to register for the New England Championship, click HERE.

*** DEADLINE for REGISTRATION is OCTOBER 24th, 2015 ***

All BOXERS and COACHES must be registered with USA Boxing to participate in this event. To register go to, click on “membership”, then “registration” and follow instructions to register.

For additional information please email or call 781-396-6700.



CLUBS: All clubs must register online with USA Boxing (HERE). This means whoever is the club representative must also be registered as the system will not accept a club registration unless the representative is registered. You will need a credit card in order to register your club.

 ATHLETES AND NON-ATHLETES: All athletes and non-athletes must register online with USA Boxing (HERE). Registration will require a credit card and a unique email address. (That is, a coach may not register multiple athletes using his/her email address, every member must have their own email address.) Validation labels for passbooks must still be obtained prior to competition from the registration clerk , and a printed receipt from the USA Boxing system confirming registration is required in order to obtain a validation label. Photos and birth certificates / passport are required for all new and replacement passbooks. Duplicate book registration fees remain in effect so if you lose your passbook and need to replace it, you must again present your printed receipt along with $20 to obtain a new book and validation label.



Online Registration HERE



Simple Steps to Follow to help members to register:

1. Complete on-line application (HERE); fees are paid by credit, debit
or pre-paid credit/debit cards. Only print registration receipt when registration
is complete.

2. Sign health affidavit form portion of receipt; if boxer is under
18 parental signature is needed.

3. Mail entire receipt and other appropriate paperwork to the
registration chairperson

Laurie Purcell
59 Mill St.
Dracut, MA  01826

Please allow minimum 7 day turn around.

Boxers will not be allowed to register at shows the day they are planning to box.
Boxers Book must have up to date validation label in Book prior to the Event

4. Passbooks will be returned to address on registration receipt.

5. Passbooks must be presented at every USA Boxing sponsored event.





 This is a Power Point Presentation (Large File)
may take some time to download


2014- Fees

You MUST Register Online to avoid Additional $10.00 Fee

Boxers age 8 to 16 January 1 – December 31 – $58.00
Boxers age 17 to 34 January 1 – December 31 – $68.00
Master Boxers age 35 & Up January 1 – December 31 – $68.00
Non-Athletes age 18 & Up
January 1 - December 31 - $83.00
Additional $25.00 every 2 years for background screening
(includes liability insurance)
January 1 - December 31 - $200.00
Register HERE to Avoid Additional $25.00 Fee

Duplicate Book – $20.00


USA Boxing wants everyone to know and understand that it is illegal to run a show without the approval of USA Boxing.  A day of sparring is okay – no winner, no loser.  Charging admission is illegal.  The Board has been notified of numerous non-sanctioned events and will be visiting these sites at any given time.  Violators will be disciplined.


Please remember – insurance only covers USA boxing members,

sanctions and registered clubs.  If your gym feels they need the

assistance of the New England LBC, please contact Jim Perella